Vehicle-mounted Camera Pan & Tilt Slip Ring

     Pan and tilt is a supporting platform, which is a device used for mounting and fixing a camera when it monitors a given area. Its all-dimensional rotating head also requires the slip ring, an electrical connector of 360° rotation, to help it achieve its functional operation. Also, the recent design involves the application of such equipment.

       Apparently, the camera platform leaves a limited space for the slip ring to work, which regulates a small dimension on the premise of a qualified performance. Such a compact-designed slip ring transmits HD-SDI (1080P@30Hz), CAN correspondence, RS422, the signal for rotary transformer and steering gear, and other common signals. The design of a large number of circuits in -40~+60 with a 10 rpm rotating speed, a formidable aporia, is developed with a mature structural improvement. Whether for the copper ring or insulation layer, the dimension is in a proper regulation to attain a reliable signal transmission. So the camera pan & tilt slip ring provides an optimal solution for both local video storage and remote transmission via wireless devices. Also, its excellent vibration resistance adapts itself to various harsh working conditions.


 Circuits: 2*15A, 3*10A, 6*2A, 2* HD-SDI (1080P@30Hz), 1 pair*CAN correspondence, 1 pair*RS422/signal for dual-channel rotary transformer and steering gear, 4*Common signal

   Voltage: 26V AC/DC

   Dielectric Strength: between circuits ≥500VAC@50Hz (current)

                                                           ≥300VAC@50Hz (signal)

   Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ@500VDC (current)

                           ≥100MΩ@100VDC (signal)

   Dynamic Resistance Fluctuation Value:≤15mΩ

   Working Speed: 0~10 rpm

   Contact: Precious metal

   Housing: Aluminum alloy

   Working Temperature: -40~+60

   Humidity: ≤60%RH

   Protection GradeIP54


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