USB Signal Slip Ring in Detection Instrument

USB is the interface for outward transmission of computer signals. In the trend of mechanical-electrical integration, the traditional machinery and computer become more and more integrated. Many mechanical and electrical equipment begin to use USB to transmit signals, and the slip ring is used for rotary transmission.


As an experienced and well-known enterprise in the slip ring industry, JINPAT Electronics has put forward many solutions for the rotary transmission of USB signals, and developed the unique USB signal slip ring. In addition to the specialized signal slip ring, this series also has the precise model for the combined transmission of current, USB and other signals. These products adopt different standard slip rings as platforms, which can meet the requirements of different mechanical and electrical products to perform 360° rotary transmission of USB signals.

Take the LPT040-U2 through bore slip ring as an example, it has a USB2.0 signal channel, with a inner diameter of 40mm. LPMS-10A-U2 is developed on the basis of JINPAT super mini slip ring, with small volume and the diameter of 10mm. Its total length including tail sleeve is only 19.6mm. Although smaller than half a finger of an adult, it can perfectly solve the problem of USB2.0 signal transmission.


JINPAT super mini LPMS-10A-U2 slip ring is customized for a customer's clock detector. According to the customer's requirements, its rotor outlet length should be controlled within 40±5mm, which is used to connect the rotary test bench, while its stator outlet length is more than 300mm, which is used to connect the data receiving terminal. In addition to the clock detector, the slip ring can also be used in other small electromechanical systems to provide the rotary transmission of signals.


In order to ensure the stability of signal transmission, JINPAT signal slip ring, including the super mini USB signal slip ring, adopts super-hard gold-to-gold contact, and takes special shielding measures between signal loops. Through a series of internal and external structural optimization, it can perfectly solve the problems like high error rate and packet loss during USB signal transmission. Although the mini USB signal slip ring is small, it also adopted the series of technical measures.


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