Separate Slip Ring with Arc Stator

        Representing a high manufacturing level in its field, the separate slip ring with arc stator enjoys a compact design, elaborate size and intricate technique. The circular-arc part has a diameter of 15.2mm and thickness as small as 2.3mm. Adopting special technique, its brush wire and silver needle guarantee a reliable performance of insulation and dielectric strength in a 2.3mm-thickness space. Through welding connection with silver plated pin, the wires are even distributed in vertical 90° to the rotating part. The electrical slip ring meets the special installation requirements of customers while improving the electrical connector’s accuracy of production. As a representative slip ring, it requires high requirements of manufacturing technology. 


● Circuit: 15ckt*1A

● Voltage: 240VAC

● Dielectric Strength:500V@50Hz between circuits

● Insulation: 100MΩ@500VDC

● Working Speed: 0~100rpm

● Contact: Precious metal
● Wire Size: copper pipe

● Working Temperature

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