• 360° Rotating Solution for Electro-optical and Gas-liquid Mixed Transmission

    JINPAT has introduced its first pneumatic hydraulic and electrical integrated rotary joint.Such a multi-circuit rotary joint features a stacked structure with compact design.

  • Small Thickness Pancake Slip Ring with Long Life

    Owing to the internal structure and components, slip ring design is restricted to its thickness. JINPAT, embarking from its structure with updated technology, has surmounted the barrier.&nbs

  • JINPAT Through Bore Slip Ring Working in 200℃

           A through bore slip ring, has recently been designed with 4 passages routing 50A large current and 6 passages transferring signals. The part design mainly focuses on two poi

  • Long Lifespan Slip Ring with Novel Contact Structure

           Drawing on years of experience in slip ring research and development, JINPAT has made innovations in the structure design with technical transformation.   &nb

  • Large Dielectric Strength Compact Capsule Slip Ring with Long Service Life

       In May, JINPAT has successfully developed an improved slip ring that caters to the equipment of the client. Or rather, its pivotal technical point has been achieved beyond expectation.&nb

  • A Compact-designed Multi-circuit Capsule Slip Ring

    How to develop a multi-circuit capsule slip ring with a so small size?       As to the recent design, JINPAT also ends the work with a superb capsule slip ring. Apart from 4 circui

  • Integrated Photoelectric Encoder Flat Slip Ring

        Recently, JINPAT has introduced a pancake slip ring that integrates a high-precision photoelectric encoder for intelligent turntable. The flat slip ring can accomplish accurate location

  • Replaceable Ultra-long Life Conductive Slip Ring

         In slip ring industry, the performance and life of it plays a large role in measuring its manufacturing technology. As there exist many fields demanding a long-life slip ring, JINP

  • Reliable Explosion-Proof Carbon Brush Slip Ring

           The slip ring adopts the world-class fine carbon brush to allow a safe loading with a rigorous calculation. It is an explosion-proof slip ring, able to operate in an extreme

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