• Explanation of 5G and Fiber Optic Rotary Joints

    The fifth-generation wireless systems, or 5G, is a mixture of many key technologies such as millimeter wave, beamforming, and massive MIMO. However, for users, the most concerned is undoubtedly t

  • Copper Ring Selection for Slip Rings

    Copper (Cu) has excellent electrical conductivity, workability, and corrosiveness, which serves as an indispensable material for slip rings.

  • Slip Ring with Four Types of Technology

    In the technological evolution of slip rings, collector rings, and brush contact materials, brush contact materials have formed four technological routes.

  • One Common Problem about Rotation in Slip Rings

    After scraping and reassemble, the slip ring assembly turns out to be in smooth rotation during the test.

  • How to make a low-torque slip ring which conducts 2-pair 100M

    Given a set dimension, a low torque, and a minor transmission interruption, the small slip ring connector is also required to possess a reliable transmission performance.

  • 200-Million Turns Slip Ring with Good Concentricity

    The ID 12.7mm through bore slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is a typical example.

  • Multiple-signal Conducting Slip Ring

    the slip ring assembly supports an integrated transmission of 1*Gigabit Ethernet, 1*TRIG signal, 1*BUS signal, 1 *ACAP and 1 *ABUS.

  • New High-performance slip ring series

    From outer to inner structure, the slip ring assembly has undergone a detailed improvement.

  • Small and Exquisite Slip Ring

    To get a match, a flexible slip ring is expected to be tailor-made so as to achieve a high-precision transmission.

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