• JINPAT Slip Ring Adopting Pouring Technique

    JINPAT makes a new breakthrough which manufactures slip rings with the pouring technique.

  • Effects of Temperature Change of Each Point on the Test Results of Thermocouple Slip Rings

    The design principle of thermocouple slip rings, similar but not completely to the law, is to add a section of conductors to the wires for thermocouple signal transmission.

  • High Temperature Thermocouple Slip Ring

    A thermocouple slip ring unveiled by JINPAT is the first electrical slip ring in domestic industry that adapts to a high working temperature up to 150℃.

  • Micro Slip Ring with Many Circuits

    The super mini slip ring has 80 circuits with its OD as small as 17.4mm in a length of 50.8 mm.

  • High Rotating Speed Optical Slip Ring

    One of the through bore slip ring manufactured by JINPAT is integrated with a fiber optical rotary joint.

  • Grinding Technology of Connectors for Optical Slip Rings

    JINPAT Grinding Technology of Connectors for Optical Slip Rings has made a list of technical requirements.

  • Compact-designed HD Slip Ring for Monitoring Use

    JINPAT compact-sized slip ring transmitting HD video signal meets the basic needs of monitoring devices.

  • 320 Million-Revolution Long Life Slip Ring

    JINPAT develops a capsule slip ring that features extremely long service life of 320 million turns with 6000 rpm high rotating speed.

  • Research on Contact Characteristics of Electrical Slip Ring

    Electrical slip ring is a precise device that can achieve transmission of image, data signal, and power between two relatively rotary parts.

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