• How to Choose Rotary Joint for Video Signals Transmission

    Video signals include television signal, still image signal and visual television image signal.Video signals can be classified into different groups according to the different video output interfaces.

  • The Assembling of Bearings in the Slip Ring

    Generally speaking, bearings are secured to the shaft with bearing baffle, pressure ring or neither of them. 1. When handling through-bore rotary joints without specific requirement of bore diame

  • Introduction of Frequently Used Wires in Slip Ring Manufacturing

    Wires are indispensable material for slip ring production. The quality of wires affects that of the products. In the production process, wires are generally secured inside rotors and stators through w

  • New Technical Breakthrough of Integrated Pancake Slip Ring

    With the development of manufacturing techniques, there’s a compelling demand for the thin, light and compact-size slip rings in the manufacturing industry. However, due to limitations of its interior

  • The Difference between Thermocouple and Thermal Resistance

    Thermocouples and thermal resistance are commonly used temperature measuring devices. However, the temperature measurement principle of them is different, so the scope of application is also different

  • The Installation and Maintenance of Carbon Brush Slip Ring

    Slip ring is an important device to realize 360° rotary transmission for current, signal, gas and liquid.

  • RS Signals on the Slip Rings

    JINPAT Electronics combines RS signals with signals commonly used in the mechatronics industry such as Ethernet and USB.

  • Carbon Brush Slip Ring in Large-Power Rotary Furnace

    Compared with the ordinary slip ring, the carbon brush slip ring has larger work voltage and current. It is generally installed in the mechanical and electronic platform, which requires 360 ° rotary transmission of large power.

  • What Are the Technical Difficulties in the Construction Machinery Slip Rings?

    Construction machinery belongs to heavy industry products, including but not limited to, cranes, fire trucks, excavators, mixers, and drilling trucks. Most of these heavy mechanical and electrical equ

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