• Instant Broken Circuit Measuring Technology for Slip Rings

    As an electrical part,the slip ring cannot dodge a series of problems of instant short or broken circuit.

  • IP68 High Protection Grade Mini Slip Ring

    Something small runs quietly, but reliably. It exactly embodies the mini slip ring designed in JINPAT.

  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joint with JINPAT Technology

    Fiber optic rotary joint, also named optical slip ring, is exactly a type of connector that uses fiber as the medium to transmit power or data.

  • JINPAT Large-current Slip Ring with Small Size

    Large current slip rings are electrical units that can transmit 50A or higher current from stationary to rotating parts.

  • Separate Slip Ring with Arc Stator

    The separate slip ring with arc stator enjoys a compact design, elaborate size and intricate technique.

  • Installation & Operating Instructions —— Separate Slip Rings

    Here are the installation steps and attentions for separate slip rings developed by JINPAT.

  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in Slip Ring Design

    When designing an electrical slip ring, the way of anti-interference design is to cut out or attenuate the coupling paths between signals.

  • Brief Analysis of Frictional Wear of Rings

    The friction and wear characteristics of the contact material of slip rings are analyzed simply as below.

  • Accelerated Life Test for Slip Rings

    The increasingly innovated technology and processing technique improves the service life of electrical slip rings to a large degree.

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