JINPAT Slip Ring with Ethernet and Video Signals for Military Devices

With the improvement of modern science and technology, the applications for military devices have become increasingly broader. According, the increasing complexity of advanced military devices demands slip rings that provide reliable and continuous transmission of signal and/or power under 360 degree unrestrained rotations. With our continuous long-term endeavor, JINPAT Electronics have designed and manufactured a military slip ring which complies with the military standards.

The JINPAT LPC-56A-0305-0403-34S military slip ring with a total of 42 circuits, which integrates video signals, SPI signals, Ethernet, SSI and other signals. It adopts gold to gold contact materials that ensure its longer service life time up to 84 millions turns. To deal with the problem of environment flexibility and performance stability, advanced marerial has been selected as its housing so that the slip ring can normally work in wide temperature from -40 to +80. Meanwhile, this military slip ring enjoys shock and vibration resistant, high return loss, low crosstalk and so forth.




Current Rating: 3 circuits@6A; 4 circuits@3A; 3 circuits@0.1A; 7 circuits@ signal; 3 circuits@ video; 6 circuits@ SPI; 6 Circuits@Ethernet; 4 circuits@SSI;

Voltage Rating: 24VAC/DC

Dielectric Strength: Beyond 500V@50Hz

Insulation: 100mΩ@500VDC

Electrical Noise: within 15 mΩ

Operating Speed: 0-20rpm

Contact: Gold to gold

Working Temperature: -40℃~+80


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