JINPAT Slip Ring for HTC Vive

        HTC Vive is a head-mounted display for VR use, which is developed jointly by HTC & Valve. Honored to offer a swivel for the device, JINPAT has designed a slip ring for HTC Vive use.

        The HTC Vive slip ring is a capsule part, which transmits electricity, HDMI & USB2.0 signals. Applied to the HTC Vive device, it helps provide an immersive experience for users. JINPAT slip ring for the device supports a 2K HD signal transmission, which is conducive to minimizing the granular sensation of images. Even for a nearsighted person with 400°, a clear and detailed screen is still kept in his sight.  Also, HDMI has a digital audio transferring of eight sound channels with 96 kHz or stereo with 192 kHz. It is enough to prop up a 90Hz screen refresh rate. In this way, zero delay of actual experience brings no nausea or vertigo to users.

        Bearing a reliable performance, such slip rings are sure to offer a superexcellent experience to users in VR world.


   Circuits: 1ckt*HDMI, 1ckt*USB2.0, 1CKT*DC

◆ Voltage: 48V AC/DC

   Dielectric Strength: 200VAC@50Hz(current), 100VAC@50Hz (signal)

   Insulation: 50MΩ@200VDC (current), 20MΩ@100VDC (signal)

   Electrical Noise: 15mΩ

◆ Working Speed: 0~100 rpm

   Contact: Precious metal

   Housing: Engineering plastic

   Working Temperature: -20~+60

   Humidity: 60%RH

   Protection Grade: IP40


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