JINPAT Slip Ring for Electric Balance Car

Because of its high cost performance and convenient portability, the electric balance car has been selected as a short-distance commuter tool.


The principle of operation is mainly based on a principle called “Dynamic Stabilization”, which uses solid-state gyroscopes and acceleration sensors inside the car body to detect changes of posture state. And the servo control system has been used to accurately drive the motor for proper adjustment to maintain the balance of the car.

As a key unit to solve the 360 degree rotating transmission, the slip ring is used to carry out signal and current transmission between the servo control system and the motor on the electric balance car. The servo system on the electric balance car has the characteristics of good stability, fast response and high precision. It not only has high performance requirements for the slip ring, but also has a high volume requirement for the slip ring.


As a professional slip ring manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, JINPAT has developed many series of excellent slip rings. JINPAT LPT through-hole slip ring, LPC capsule slip ring, LPK pancake slip ring, etc. all can be customized according to customer requirements, to meet customer requirements for slip ring size, number of channels, types of signals transmission. Take the LPT012B-0602 through-hole slip ring as an example. The outer diameter of the slip ring is 34.9mm, which is small in size and light in weight. Besides, it adopts advanced fiber brush technology to ensure low friction and low contact resistance, resulting in long service life and maintenance-free performance.



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