JINPAT Slip Ring for Cable Reels

Cable reels are cable winding devices that provide power and signals for large mobile devices. It is widely used in port cranes, container cranes, ship loaders and other heavy machinery. When the cable reel is in operation, in order to maintain uninterrupted transmission of current and signal, a slip ring must be used.


Due to the different working conditions, the cable reels used in different industries have different requirements for vibration, explosion-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion. Accordingly, the slip ring for cable reels should also meet the relevant requirements. The power required for heavy machinery is quite large, so the cable reel slip rings need to be with large current. Taking JINPAT large-current slip ring LPA000-07100-0310-05S for example, it integrates 7 circuits of 100A current, 3 circuits of 10A current, and 5 circuits of signals. Using advanced stainless steel, it has the feature of high corrosion resistance. Also, the cable reel slip ring has a high protection grade so that can be well adapted to bare, rain and other environments.

Most JINPAT large-current slip ring employs an overhead design, and in some models, cooling fan can be added according to customers’ requirements. These designs can avoid the generation of excessive heat during the slip ring operation. If there is too much heat, the entire system will stop. Furthermore, temperature control sensors can also be integrated inside the slip ring to allow the customer to directly observe the operating temperature of the slip ring. In this way, accidents could be prevented effectively.


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