JINPAT Received the Interview of Shenzhen TV Station

2018/11/13 14:19:39



       China has entered a new era of industrial science technology and information, along with the development of digitization, automation, computers, and other mechanical design techniques, etc. As we all know, industrial automation lays an important foundation for industrial modernization. JINPAT, a high-tech enterprise dedicated to developing and manufacturing a series of industrial slip rings, was interviewed and reported by Shenzhen TV station the other day.

       Following the shots of Shenzhen TV, JINPAT R&D strength and its prospects of development are unfolded before eyes of the masses.

       Apart from all kinds of honors and rewards, JINPAT R&D Team, composed of over 100 engineers, has attained 47 national patents. Products have been certified by ISO9001:2008/ ISO14001:2015/ UL/ FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH, BV, and Explosive-proof test. JINPAT Slip Rings have been widely applied in military field like in marine, land, aerospace, aviation, and armed police, and civil cutting-edge field like defense, industrial automation, electrical power, instrument, transportation, building, wind turbine, robots, and medical industry. It has served customers from all over the world for dozens of years.

        At present, JINPAT has established cooperative relationships with many enterprises such as GE, Honeywell, BYD, Sany, Zoomlion, Suzlon, HUAWEI, and other tech giants at home and abroad. All the time, JINPAT has been striving to achieve win-win development with customers in providing high-quality products and service.

       Mr. Chen, the manager of research & development department, claimed, “We have our own technique in high altitude/low temperature adaptability, strong shock resistance and ultra-high protection, which can provide a secure normal transmission for military equipment operated in aerospace or land even harsh environments”, “Incessant new contact material research for long-life slip ring has made possible the development and mass production of electrical slip rings with an life over 100 million revolutions.” However, its footstep is not stopped here, an objective is demonstrated that JINPAT R&D team are concentrating their efforts to make breakthrough with a billion-revolution life slip ring, thus filling the gap of the industry at the end of the year.

       In the future, JINPAT will hold its philosophy of pursing perfection and incessant innovation in slip ring development. Providing the best solutions for varied intelligent automatic field, JINPAT is moving towards world-class slip ring industry.

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