JINPAT New-developed Slip Ring for Oil Drilling Platform

2018/11/28 17:30:10

       On Nov 28th, 2018, JINPAT has arranged its delivery of a special slip ring, which takes several months to accomplish from its design, manufacture to all tests.

       The oil drilling platform slip ring showed below has a large capacity of current carrying as it can transmit 800A current in 2 circuits and 400A current in other 2 circuits. Besides of electrical part, it also integrates 4-channel optic part to transfer optical signals and 1-circuit part for Ethernet signal transmission.


       When applied to the oil drilling platform, not only does it can adapt to a wide working temperature, but also it can protect the equipment from explosion or other accidents due to a built-in alarming device. If the operating temperature exceeds 70, alarming indication will be seen to call attention the problem. Also, IP65 high protection is made possible to resist harsh environments.

      Actually, JINPAT has accumulated much experience in developing such high current slip rings, most of which has been used in marine field or other exploration equipment. For more solutions, JINPAT is ready to provide an optimal part that suits most your equipment, even operating in evil conditions.

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