JINPAT Large-current Slip Ring with Small Size

       Large current slip rings are electrical units that can transmit 50A or higher current from stationary to rotating parts. Adopting unique design and highly advanced technique, it can meet the needs of different industries.

      The unique structure design of the high current slip ring in adoption of top imported graphite alloy as contact material is characterized by long life, maintenance-free, and no lubrication with continuously rotating transmission of power or data signals in 360 degrees. Usually, such slip rings are applied in marine field with a large-sized body.

        Unlike its outline dimension, JINPAT has specially developed a capsule slip ring with compact design that is capable to transmit current up to 20A. Meanwhile, it also transfers 100M Ethernet in the system. As its length is 57.5mm and OD 15mm, the small-sized high-current slip ring is easy to be mounted in a limited installation space. With a low friction torque of 120gcm, it keeps a much smoother running and minimizes its impact on the equipment to the lowest. Also, featuring a wide working temperature, the electrical slip ring has been acknowledged by its customer. For customization, JINPAT is ready to offer you a best solution with a powerful R&D strength.

Electronic & Electric

Circuits: 1ckt*20A, 1ckt*10A, 1ckt*100Mbit Ethernet

Voltage Rating: 24V/ 100V AC/DC

Dielectric Strength: 500V AC@50Hz (20A/10A)

大电流小体积的.jpgInsulation: ≥100MΩ@500V DC (20A/10A)

Dynamic Resistance Fluctuation Value: ≤30mΩ (30rpm)


Working Speed: 0~30rpm

Contact: Gold to gold

Housing: Stainless steel

Wire Size: AWG14#/16#/32#

Wire Length: Rotor: 500±5mm, Stator: 500±5mm


Working Temperature:-32~+80


Protection Grade: IP51


Friction Torque: 120±5gcm


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