JINPAT’s Refreshed Record in High-Precision Slip Ring

2018/9/14 9:54:01

        High-precision electrical slip ring is a highly sophisticated and compact-designed part, which is characterized by its small dimension, many tracks, compact structure, high precision, and low electrical noise.

       Along with the rapid development of various precise rotary tables, inertial equipment, centrifuges, precise medical instruments, and industrial automatic control systems, the electrical slip rings applied to them has been asked a higher requirement. JINPAT, as a leading manufacturer of the slip ring field, has cultivated relentlessly in the development of high-precision slip rings.

      In 2016, a capsule slip ring of 44 circuits was developed,with a length as small as 21mm, and outer diameter 16mm.


       After the concerted effort, JINPAT, for the third quarter of 2018, has successfully developed  a high-precision slip ring of 80 circuits. Its outer diameter is only 17.4 mm with a length of only 50.8 mm. Meanwhile, a 60-circuit slip ring of the same type is also manufactured with a 12.7mm OD and 56.8mm length. Adopting corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing with high intensity and hardness, both of them have been processed to keep a reliable performance in high & low temperature. With a starting torque of no more than 0.00006N.m, the super miniature slip ring supports simultaneous transmission of various signals without interference. 




      Remarkably, its small volume, together with its superb performance, has broken through the technical advantages of foreign countries. Certified by a series of stringent tests, the parts share a comparatively more stable performance and reliability than others.

      At present, the kind of slip ring has been in mass production and could be customized in line with customers’ specific needs.

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