Instant Broken Circuit Measuring Technology for Slip Rings

       The slip ring is to transmit power or signal from stationary to rotating parts, when used, its reliability plays a large role in the operation of its applied equipment. As an electrical part, it cannot dodge a series of problems of instant short or broken circuit. Especially in fields of aviation/aerospace, military industries, where static and dynamic conditions of vibration, impact and launch are combined together in the process, the reliability of contact, joint and welding point connection has a direct influence on the electronic devices. Admittedly, failed contact of the electrical slip ring is bound to result in severe damages, causing economic loss. Thus, a performance test on slip rings operating in dynamic conditions is of great need to eradicate the possibility of instant broken circuit. 


       Adopting equipment developed by instantaneous testing technology for electrical connectors is a means to improve the measuring technique of electrical slip rings, enhancing the quality and reliability of the parts. Currently, it has been a trend to design a kind of cost-effective, multi-functional, high-precision testing equipment employing microelectronics, computer and intelligent measuring technology.

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