Installation & Operating Instructions —— Separate Slip Rings

        LPS Series refer to separate slip rings developed by JINPAT. It’s a derivation from an independent unit that can transmit current, data signal from stationary to rotating part. The slip ring (rotor) and brush block (stator) are offered as separate components to be mated by the customer in their system. For the kind of slip rings, here are the installation steps and attentions for them.


Installation Steps


1.  The slip ring is designed to be mounted in a separate way, in which the rotor and stator is separately fixed.

 2.  Align the grooves of rings and brush wires and match well in case of deviation from rings after the rotor of the slip ring is fixed on the spindle.

 3.  As is showed above, the screws with washer should be used for the stator to mount the slip ring so as to avoid loosening.

 4.  The slip ring should be protected from dust and moist. If it is used outdoors, a protection cover should be considered. (Custom slip rings are not included)

 5.  Protect all wire skins from being damaged during the rotation of the equipment. The end of all wires should not bear weight, withstand force, or be pulled in wires arrangement.

 6.  Use an exclusive tool while operating wire stripping, and do not damage the wire core.

 7.  Wield wires to the wire terminals with careful amount of soldering tin in stator wire connection, avoiding electric performance weakening between rings due to excessive soldering tin.

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