Fire Engine Slip Ring

 As fire engine, also known as fire truck operates in special environment, JINPAT slip ring design for ladder truck has combined its main performance with the external factors.

 With plentiful experience in slip ring development for construction machinery, JINPAT ladder truck slip ring has characteristics referred as following. It transmits current, CANBus, analog video signal, and others. The key point is that it has a high waterproof performance to fit its operating conditions. IP65 high protection level also guarantees its reliable performance in operation. As modern telescopic ladder are either hydraulic or pneumatic, slip rings applied are in comply with the mechanical properties.

      Based on successful cases before, JINPAT is confidently to design more high-quality slip ring of excellent performance for firefighting industry.


◆ Circuits: 4 *40A+12*Signal+2*CANBus

◆ Voltage: 220VAC

◆ Insulation: 1000MΩ@500VDC

   Electrical Noise: 70mΩ@6VDC, 50mA(10rpm)

◆ Working Speed: 0~100 rpm

◆ Contact: Precious Metal

◆ Housing: Aluminum Alloy

   Working Temperature: -30~+80



If Our Standard Rotary Unions And Slip Rings Aren't Quite What You're Looking For, We've Got You Covered. We Provide Custom Designed Components For Specialized Applications. Our Engineers Have Over 80 Years Of Combined Experience In Rotary Unions And Slip Rings And Will Come Up With The Perfect Solution For Your Needs.

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