Fiber Optic Rotary Joint for Cardiovascular Detector

At present, health care is a key development area in the world. Cardiovascular detector, as one of the advanced medical equipment, it plays an important role in treating heart disease. The cardiovascular detector consists of a dedicated microcomputer, 14 single display, and pulse sensor. During the working process, the cardiovascular detector needs to transmit current, various signals and rotate in 360 degree. To solve these problems, JINPAT has developed a fiber optic rotary joint integrates fiber optic and current. Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs) are to optical signals what electrical slip rings are to electrical signals, a means to pass signals across rotating interfaces, particularly when transmitting large amounts of data.

Cardiovascular detector has high requirements for signal and power transmission. The first requirement is short delay time. After constant efforts, the maximum speed of JINPAT integrated fiber optic rotary joint can up to 6000rpm. And during the life test, whose lifespan has measured to be more than 100 million turn.

Second, since accuracy is essential for cardiovascular detector, low error rate and low loss are also needed. JINPAT integrated fiber optic rotary joint has the wavelength of 1200nm-1400nm, and the insertion loss is within 2 dB. Using precision machining equipment and special lubricants, the dimensional accuracy error of the integrated slip ring is less than 0.005mm, which can fully meet the demanding requirements of cardiovascular detector for low loss and low error rate. Finally, the mechanical noise is less than 50dB, so that a quiet working environment is guaranteed. The high-end integrated fiber optic rotary joint stands out with its high speed, low loss and low eletrical noise, providing high-quality signal and power transmission for cardiovascular detector.


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