Committed to Slip Ring Development with Social Responsibility

2019/1/15 10:39:53

        An enterprise cannot succeed without the power and contribution of many outstanding employees. Just like a person, if he cannot learn to be grateful, he will not develop himself in a long term. Shenzhen annual charity is held as expected to raise money for those people in need. JINPAT, availing itself of this opportunity to express its thanks and contribution to the society, donates some money to the charitable body, bringing warm and power to the poor students.


      JINPAT has dedicated to slip ring industry for dozens of years. In its development, it has always taken its social responsibility and made its contributions to the society. In the slip ring development field, it never ceases to explore a new breakthrough to contribute to the development of the society. In the public welfare work, JINPAT also never be stingy with money to help the poor in education.

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