Automatic Mechanical Arm Slip Ring

Mechanical arm is a kind of automatic mechanical device that is popularly used in industrial manufacture, medical treatment, entertainment service, military, semi-conductor manufacture, and space exploration etc. Slip ring, serves as a media for power and signal transmission between rotating and stationary parts.

JINPAT has developed a dedicated slip ring for the mechanical arm use. It can transmit varied control and sensor signals with circuit number up to 300. Moreover, to avoid inconvenience of regular maintenance, such mechanical arm slip rings usually possess a long service life and require no maintenance. According to the practical use, slip rings of this kind have a small and light figure to fit its installation space. High precision also allows the part to support the device to work in 24 hours with no interruption.

      Certainly, wire length, contact and housing material and other electrical performance could be customized on the basis of specific equipment.



◆ Circuits: 6ckt*1A

◆ Voltage: 240VAC

   Electrical Noise: 10mΩ

   Working Speed: 100 rpm

◆ Contact: Precious metal

◆ Housing: Plastic

   Wire Size: 32# Silver Plated Teflon

   Wire Length: 250mm

   Working Temperature: -20~+60



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