44 Circuits Compact Capsule Slip Ring for Electro-optical Pod

      Slip rings of many circuits are much welcomed in the market, and its length is challenged in the practical use.

      In terms of the point, JINPAT set a new record with a super miniature slip ring of 44 circuits routing control signal with a length of only 21mm. It marks a new leading step in its field with an improved technique. In the process of manufacturing, a new technology is introduced to forge the insulation plate in place of traditional CNC or injection technique. In this way, the thickness of the plate can be minimized within 0.005mm, which accomplishes a more orderly wire arrangement by limiting its structural shift. The electro-optical pod slip ring has its performance lifted through an internal perfection. The electrical part enjoys a compact design with 44 tracks in a length of 21mm and an outer diameter of 16mm. Superior performance permits it to remain a stable electric performance in a working speed of 300rpm.

    Applied to the pod, its small size makes it easy to install while reliable performance promotes its excellent operation of the machine.


Main Features

44 ckt *common signal

44 circuits within 21mm(L)

44 circuits within 16mm(OD)

Transmitting over 20 kinds of signals, such as Ethernet, USB2.0, SDI video, and sensor signal, etc

Moisture resistant, up to 95%RH


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