Solution for Military Pancake Slip Ring

      Generally speaking, military equipment is designed and manufactured in a highly strict standard. Accordingly, the military slip ring, a part for transmission from stationary to rotating parts in the system, is paid much attention. Faced with stringent technical requirement, JINPAT launched an exquisite pancake slip ring that is poured into much sweat.

      In accordance with the specific needs, it transfers current (3ckt) and common signal (9ckt). Aluminum alloy housing promotes a stable strength. Apart from a 60mN.m rotating torque, the electrical noise between rotor and stator is within 3mΩ, which secures no data package loss in signal transmission. It features transmission of current, common signal, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, CANBUS and FireWire.

   Certified by practical test, the flat slip ring is highly praised for its performance in military equipment operation. Applied to air-to-air missile, it helps guarantee its long range, strong power, high precision, good maneuverability and strong viability.


3ckt*current, 9ckt*common signal

Outer diameter: 116mm

Inner Diameter: 60mm

Thickness: 12.5mm

Stable strength with aluminum alloy housing

Rotating torque: 60mN.m

Electrical Noise: 3mΩ

Transmitting current, common signal, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, CANBUS, and FireWire

No data package loss in signal transmission


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