JINPAT 360° Rotary Slip Ring for Charging Pile Technology

A kind of vertical three-dimensional charging station has been established by BYD that integrates parking and charging for new energy vehicles into one place.

JINPAT slip ring, with a 360° continuous rotating transmission, helps achieve continuous charging without the problem of wires wrapping while finishing car hanging basket change in 360°.

Optional Voltage of the part allows serving a wide range of electric vehicles in need of the two kinds of service. Stable transmission with no data package loss or connection drop helps charging piles be in service at any time.

A high protection level up to IP68 permits its normal operation in outdoor conditions. Also, quick charging is possible, thanks to a high working speed up to 2500 RPM.

Long service life (over 10 years) and maintenance free, is sure to guarantee the lasting operation of the charging piles without worry about its updating.

Such an electrical connector is designed exclusively for charging piles, which takes all related factors into account. As an optimal part, it serves the equipment in an excellent way.

LPA180-0402 (JP07-092-02GJB).jpg                       Features & Advantages

           ◆ Analog/data signal and high-current transmission or integrated transmission                         is available

           ◆ Anti-corrosion, moisture and shock resistant

           ◆ World-class fine carbon brush with safe loading 

           ◆ High explosion-proof level

           ◆ Convenient heat dissipation and easy maintenance

           ◆ High protection level up to IP68

           ◆ Long service life

           ◆ Diversified figure


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