JINPAT― the li-ion battery assembling machine solution

JINPAT slip rings for Li-Ion battery assembling machine applied to coating machine,

thin film processor support integrated transmission of signals and current of multiple channels up to 300 circuits.

With modular structure of inner part, such rotating electrical connectors guarantee the concentricity no more than 0.05mm, thus it achieves a uniformity of each pole piece in thickness and pressure. In this way, Li-Ion battery of high quality is able to be manufactured in bulk with a higher rate of finished products. One point worth noting is that the electrical rotary interfaces could be customized in a minimized size to meet more challenging space.


Modular structure of inner part

Supporting integrated transmission of multiple signals and current

Multiple channels up to 300 circuits

Concentricity no more than 0.05mm

Compact size suitable for more demanding space

Customizable units

Long service life 


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