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JINPAT Hai equipment slip ring product advantages

◈ stable performance, long life, easy maintenance

◈ high degree of protection (IP68), high and low temperature (-60C ~ +240 ℃ C), high pressure

◈ use in harsh environments: salt spray, acid, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, impact

◈ Low electrical noise (less than 5 milliohms), isolation greater than 60dB, very low signal transmission loss

◈ Simultaneous transmission of analog signals, digital signals, touch signals, call signals, telephone line signals and other signals

◈ can transmit high current (current up to 2000A)

◈ can design and produce all kinds of special slip rings on request


JINPAT electronics in the field of offshore equipment, has many years of research and development design and manufacturing experience, the production of precision conductive slip ring has been widely used in shipborne, shore-based military and civilian equipment, to help customers solve the harsh environment of transmission At the same time a variety of signal protection level problems, and customers receive the praise!

In 2013, Jing Pei successfully obtained the professional "BV Classification Society" certification, on behalf of Jing Pei slip ring has been successfully applied in the field of shipping, for the country's national defense to make a little meager power!

Product advantages:

◈ stable performance, long life, easy maintenance

◈ high degree of protection (IP68), high and low temperature (-60C ~ +240 ℃ C), high pressure

◈ use in harsh environments: salt spray, acid, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, impact

◈ Low electrical noise (less than 5 milliohms), isolation greater than 60dB, very low signal transmission loss

◈ Simultaneous transmission of analog signals, digital signals, touch signals, call signals, telephone line signals and other signals

◈ can transmit high current (current up to 2000A)

◈ can design and produce all kinds of special slip rings on request

Product Recommendation: LPA high current slip ring

Typical Applications: Marine Propulsion Systems, Port Machinery, Oil Drilling Platforms, Marine Surveillance Vessels, Expedition Vessels, Marine Machinery


If Our Standard Rotary Unions And Slip Rings Aren't Quite What You're Looking For, We've Got You Covered. We Provide Custom Designed Components For Specialized Applications. Our Engineers Have Over 80 Years Of Combined Experience In Rotary Unions And Slip Rings And Will Come Up With The Perfect Solution For Your Needs.

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