JINPAT- automated robotic arm solution

Industry requirements: small size, multi-line, high precision

Robot slip ring Product Features:

◈ dedicated loop of the robot arm up to 300 routes, transmission of various control and sensor signals

◈ dedicated arm dedicated slip ring with high life expectancy, maintenance-free features

◈ JINPAT can also be designed according to your requirements for a variety of special slip ring

Product Recommendation: Fiber slip ring, cap conductive slip ring

Typical Applications: Industrial robots, robotic arms, underwater robots and more


The robot arm is a machine device that automatically performs work. Running pre-choreographed programs can also be based on the principles outlined in Artificial Intelligence. Its mission is to assist or replace the work of humankind, such as manufacturing, construction, or dangerous work.

Robot slip ring Product Features:

◈ dedicated loop of the robot arm up to 300 routes, transmission of various control and sensor signals

◈ dedicated arm dedicated slip ring with high life expectancy, maintenance-free features

◈ JINPAT can also be designed according to your requirements for a variety of special slip ring

Product Recommendation: Fiber slip ring, cap conductive slip ring

Typical Applications: Industrial robots, robotic arms, underwater robots and more


If Our Standard Rotary Unions And Slip Rings Aren't Quite What You're Looking For, We've Got You Covered. We Provide Custom Designed Components For Specialized Applications. Our Engineers Have Over 80 Years Of Combined Experience In Rotary Unions And Slip Rings And Will Come Up With The Perfect Solution For Your Needs.

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