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Electric+signal integrated slip ring LPPL000-02A-0516-01U2-01E2-01HD

Number of Circuits 1
Insertion loss <5dB
Insertion loss ripple <2dB
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The structure of the gas-liquid electric integrated slip ring is a double-layer structure product, and the height of the dual modules of this type of product is the same. According to the actual situation, the product can be a through hole type or a solid type. For the convenience of pipeline connection, the gas-liquid slip ring of this type of integrated product must be in the outer layer, while the electric slip ring module is in the inner layer.

Splicing the electric slip ring and gas-liquid slip ring together, the two modules do not share the same spindle. This type of splicing gas-liquid integrated slip ring has many advantages. Firstly, it can flexibly determine whether the product is a solid or through hole structure based on the different terminal equipment, and has the characteristics of quick disassembly and quick installation, making the product more convenient to operate during installation, maintenance, and upkeep

Optical fiber ParameterRotary Unions & Joints Spec
Channel number1Passages1~2
Fiber typesSM(9/125um)Joint threadG1/4"
Working wavelengthSM:1310/15nmTrachea Sizeφ8
Insertion Loss<2dBOrifice flowφ6
Insertion Loss-WOW<0.5dBMedium TypeAir
Return Loss>40dBMax.Operating Pressure1MPa
Light power23dBmMechanical parameters
Jacket types3mm(Armor)Torque≤N.m(No load)
Connector types




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