JINPAT has the ability to deliver 6600VAC high-voltage slip rings on a large scale

In the product series of JINPAT, the highcurrent slip ring is a very important category. The product code of this seriesis LPA, which is a complete series of carbon brush friction pairs. The vastma...

Slip Ring Technology for Armored Unmanned Ground Vehicles

With the advancement of unmanned technology in military equipment, therewill be more and more unmanned systems combining manned and unmanned elements,as well as fully unmanned ground and air-ground...

JINPAT Capsule Series Slip Rings Updated with Full Series

The JINPAT capsule series slip rings havebeen updated, and the full series now features a peacock blue color. The newmodels are no longer named with letters like A, B, C, D, E, etc. Instead, theyre...

The important role of female employees in slip ring manufacturing at JINPAT

As International Women's Day approaches,let us focus on the contributions made by female employees of JINPAT in themanufacturing of slip rings. JINPAT is a company that specializes in slip ringdesi...

Conductive slip rings for robots in the 2023 RoboMaster Mech Masters

The new RoboMaster Mech Masters season is about to start. Due to some changes in the rules of the new season, the teams have to update some of their robots. Hero robots, Sentry robots, and infantry...

What Makes JINPAT Electronics Stand Out

JINPAT Electronics is an excellent slip ring supplier. So what makes JINPAT Electronics an edge-cutting and famous slip ring manufacturer?

JINPAT Electronics Your Best Slip Ring Provider

JINPAT Electronics, based in Shenzhen China, is an established slip ring manufacturer that provides both standard slip rings and custom slip rings.

JINPAT Electronics Product Testing Center, Safeguard for High Quality Slip Rings

Large and Advanced Testing Center To Safeguard Quality of JINPAT Slip Rings.

Where to Buy Slip Rings JINPAT Electronics Your First Option

JINPAT has been making down-to-earth effort in our slip ring products and service.Contact us now to join a business journey that you won’t regret!

JINPAT ,professional slip ring manufacturer wishes mothers all over the world :Happy Mother's Day

JINPAT ,professional slip ring manufacturer wishes mothers all over the world :Happy Mother's Day