SDI Signal Slip Rings for Photography Equipment

SDI signal slip rings are used inphotography equipment to transmit SDI (Serial Digital Interface)high-definition video signals in various photography devices. SDI is a commonlyused interface in the...

High-end metal slip ring

JINPAT high-end metal slip ring is the latest high-endslip ring series launched by JINPAT company, which is an upgraded version ofthe JINPAT standard slip ring with overall performance improvement....

slip rings for simulation equipment in the aerospace medical field

As a component that can rotate 360 degrees and transmit signals, sliprings are widely used in various industrial electromechanical equipment andhigh-end consumer electronic products, representing c...

JINPAT Super Multi Personalized Hollow Shaft Slip Ring Customization Scheme

Hollow shaft slip rings are a strategic product of JINPAT,which can be divided into two categories: standard and customized. The standardmodel of JINPAT hollow shaft only transmits current, with fo...

Technical solutions for RoboMaster Robotics Slip Rings for the 2023 season

In the 2023 season of the RoboMasterUniversity League, there will be infantry and 3v3 battles. In thesecompetitions, both sides need to independently develop infantry robots, herorobots, and sentry...

JINPAT professional slip rings for heavy indoor equipment

In some specialized warehouse systems, itis necessary to use extra-large cranes or material grabbing conveyingequipment. When these devices are equipped with the ability to rotate 360degrees, there...

Application of JINPAT gas-liquid-electric integrated slip ring in lithium automatic liquid separator

With the development of electrification, globallithium battery industry has risen rapidly. Most enterprises in the industryhave increased their investment and customized a large number of automatic...

JINPAT Electronics Multi-Channel Capsule Slip Ring and Custom Solutions

Among JINPAT Capsule Slip Rings, LPC-56, LPC-76 and LPC-125 are the three models that have the largest numbers of channels. And there are some related custom solutions.

JINPAT Slip Rings for Broadcasting Vehicles

And slip rings play important part in the broadcasting vehicle. JINPAT Electronics as a slip ring manufacturer, has developed many slip ring models for broadcasting vehicles.

JINPAT Integrated Pancake Slip Rings

JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring is a typical slip ring branch of the standard slip ring family. And given their structure, the flat slip rings are very flexible to be integrated.