As a kind of electromechanical equipment that can execute human instructions, robots for different purposes play a very important role in people's life and production. In the industrial field, industrial robots replace people for heavy and repeated actions, which greatly improves productivity. In people's life, a variety of intelligent interactive robots are becoming common.
The integration mechanical and electrical systems with high degree are installed in many robots. From the underwater point of view, JINPAT once developed an IP68 protection grade underwater robot slip ring for a client. Although the slip ring is only a product integrating 2-way 6A current, it is somewhat simpler in terms of function, but its IP68 protection grade can make it work normally underwater at a certain depth.
It can be regarded as a typical robot slip ring. IP68 is already the highest protection level and it can prevent the slip ring from water and ash, making it possible to operate normally in a harsh environment.

There is also a robot on the market that needs high protection grade slip ring, that is, sewer maintenance and survey robot.
This kind of robot works in closed pipes with limited space and harsh environment.
The protection grade of its whole machine and parts can reach IP66 or higher. The slip ring assembled is located at the key rotating joint of the robot, with higher protection grade.
It can ensure that the slip ring is able to work under harsh conditions. Of course, the sewer robot developed by JINPAT Electronics is far more than high protection level.
It also supports the integration of various signals such as high-definition video..

Let's look at the various industrial and agricultural robots that help people work.
JINPAT has also developed nearly 100 special slip rings for different purposes. For example, JINPAT has specially developed a welding robot slip ring and applied for a utility model patent. Agricultural automation also triggers the emergence of various robots, automatic picking as an example. JINPAT has also developed corresponding slip rings for these agricultural application robots. Robots that are most closely related to people's lives are consumer electronic products. The most typical products are floor sweeping robots, toy robots and various high-end intelligent companion robots. Many of these products can use JINPAT's standard slip rings as rotary conductive solutions.

LPC-06T, LPM-04A, LPMS-08A and LPMS-06A are commonly used slip rings for these consumer electronic products, while some high-end consumer robots need custom slip rings.
Some universities, research institutes and enterprises with scientific research departments have similar needs and they develop some experimental robots.

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