APPLICATION - Electro-Optical Pod
Photoelectric pod, also known as photoelectric turret and photoelectric radar, is a common reconnaissance equipment on military and civilian aircraft.
It is similar to the compound eye of a dragonfly, equipped with a variety of optical equipment.
As an equipment that can collect information by 360° rotation, electric conductivity is the key connection that must be installed.
As a military-civilian integration enterprise certified by the relevant management system,
JINPAT electronics has unique attainments in many slip ring fields, including the photoelectric pod slip ring.

A series of slip rings developed by JINPAT for photoelectric pods generally have more channels. This series of slip rings either improve the standard model or reopen the mold design. Many products have their own uniqueness. Among them, a super micro photoelectric slip ring has also won the excellent product award of Shenzhen High Tech Fair.
The volume of the slip ring of ultra micro photoelectric pod is very small.
The largest model in the whole series has a diameter of 17.4mm and a length of 50.8mm. In such a compact case, the slip ring has up to 80 paths.
The ultra micro photoelectric slip ring can adapt to various harsh installation platforms. For example, the product with 60 channels is more compact and slender, its diameter is reduced to 12.7mm, and its length is slightly lower than that of the 80 channel model, which is 50.5mm. The photoelectric pod slip ring also has a representative product which is LPMS-44S. Its diameter is 16mm, and its length is reduced to 23mm, which is equivalent to that the thickness of copper ring. Insulating sheet of each slip ring is no more than 0.5mm, which is an achievement that is difficult for other enterprises in the global slip ring industry to reach.
This is also the best embodiment of JINPAT Electronics in the field of photoelectric pod slip rings
In addition to the ultra-micro series of photoelectric pod slide rings,
In addition to the ultra micro series photoelectric pod slip rings,
JINPAT has many hat type photoelectric pod slip rings. Relatively speaking, the installation platform of JINPAT hat type photoelectric pod slip rings is relatively larger, such as military medium and large UAVs and reconnaissance / armed helicopters.
The representative model is LPC-3402-46S-HD01,
which has 46 signal paths and 1 HD signal path. The signal path uses twisted pair, shielded wire and special wire, and the power ring is externally connected with Teflon wire.

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