APPLICATION - Video Surveillance
JINPAT has been developing and manufacturing technology
in the field of video surveillance for 26 years
High-speed ball is the most complex and comprehensive monitoring system of the best effect of the front camera, high-speed ball guide the monitoring range, high speed fast, accurate positioning and the response characteristics of gradually get more and more the favour of customers,
360 degrees of infinite monitor is suitable for all walks of life,
moving target monitoring, such as building monitoring, bank security, road monitoring,
As an important key component of high-speed ball movement, conductive slip ring ensures data transmission under 360° uninterruptible high-speed rotation, and ensures data integrity and transmission.
LPM series of JINPAT security video special cap type slip ring, through Ethernet, HDMI, HD-SDI and other forms, used to transmit 720P/1080P and other high-definition video signals, transmission rate up to 5Gbps/5GHZ or higher, through the 50/75 ω characteristic impedance rf coaxial structure integrated high-frequency signals, The frequency is as high as 50GHZ. Due to the limited internal space of the high-speed ball, there are strict requirements on the size of slip rings.
JINPAT specially designs slip rings of different specifications with outer diameters of 18mm, 22mm, 26mm, 35mm, 54mm, and so on. At the same time, the unique protection design (dustproof and waterproof grade up to IP68) meets the requirements of effective transmission and use of HD video in different environments of -40°C+80°C. Typical product models are LPM-06A, LPC-24A, LPM-30B-HD01-U2

Main features and advantages:
1. 360° unlimited transmission of analog and digital signals
2. can load the standard module to meet the power and signal transmissionAdopt advanced
fiber brush technology, maintenance free, no lubricating oil
4. each multi-point contact, bottom contact pressure, bottom contact wear
5. special groove design, smooth rotation, low electrical noise
6. Various sizes are suitable for different customer needs
7. using patent brush coating technology to ensure low noise and low wear
8. the use of American military surface gold-plating process to ensure long working life