Typical Application of JINPAT Pancake Slip Ring in Security Inspection System

With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular. The security inspection machine is widely used in our daily life. Railway stations, subway stations, bus stations, airports, etc. need security inspection machines. The security inspection machine replaces the previous manual inspection, and realizes the automatic cycle inspection of the equipment by X-ray. It is an electronic device that performs inspection by means of a conveyor belt to send the checked baggage into the X-ray inspection channel. In order to achieve 360° infinite rotation transmission power signal, the slip ring is an indispensable component.

In the inspection process, the quality of the slip ring plays a decisive role. The security inspection machine has a long working time and high detection precision. It can not contain any slight error. Recently, JINPAT has developed a disc-type conductive slip ring with a diameter of only Φ13mm for a well-known security inspection machine manufacturer in European. The PCB board is fixed by the customer. On the flange, it does not need to be installed and is directly applied to the security inspection machine.

JINPAT security system disc slip ring product typical features:

The slip ring is a groundbreaking product that applies surface mount technology to the slip ring industry.

Compact with advanced fiber brush technology

Guarantee low friction, low contact resistance, frictionless debris

Easy to assemble, mounted directly on the flange.

Compact and rigorous design, providing the best solution for small space installations

360° continuous unobstructed rotation for transmission of analog/data signals

Extensible design to meet all kinds of signal transmission, such as serial signal, Ethernet signal, RS signal, etc.



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