Through Hole Slip Rings

LPT series is a family of robust through bore slip rings, with a central hole up to φ980mm.Slip rings of the LPT series have the characteristics of precious metal contact and a long service life up to 230 million turns. Furthermore, they are water-proof, pressure-proof, and vibration resistant. Customizable lead wires and connectors support any plug-in including flying lead. 


The through bore can be used to mount the slip ring on a bracket or used for routing hydraulic pneumatic passages as it can integrate pneumatic hydraulic rotary joints of 16 channels at most. Also, it can integrate high-frequency rotary joints and fiber optic rotary joints to meet more technical challenges. Moreover, these slip rings are able to stand the EMC and Wet Calorific Tests.

Part # Ring # ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal Details
LPT000-2015-30S 52 Φ185 48/24/12 VAC/VDC 15A BUS/HF
LPT200-0430-0210-06S 12 Φ330 9~36V 10-30A BUS
LPT000-2305-5902-E2 83 Φ99 30V AC/DC 2-5A Ethernet
LPT150-0410-1502 19 Φ150 220VAC 10A /
LPT012 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 2-10A /
LPT025 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 1-15A /
LPT038 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 1-15A /
LPT050 1-24 / 380 VAC/DC 1-15A /
LPT060 1-24 / 380 VAC/DC 1-15A /
LPT070 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 2-15A /
LPT080 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 2-15A /
LPT096 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 1-15A /
LPT190 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 2-15A /
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