Through Hole Slip Rings

Through hole slip rings are mainly used for transmitting all kinds of signal and power circuits with a through bore, designed for through bore hydraulic or pneumatic rotating shaft installation. The through bore size ranges from 3.0mm to 500mm, and current ranges from 2A to 1000A, which can meet your requirements of different applications. This series features long life time, fiber brush contact technology for excellent performance in many rigorous applications.


1. Uses fiber brush technology which offers several advantages over conventional  slip ring contacts including multiple points of contact per brush bundle.

2. Standard,off-the-shelf.

3. Gold plated ring and Gold alloy brush.

4. Support power,signals transmitting.

5. Rings combination is available.

Part # Ring # ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal Details
LPT038 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 1-15A /
LPT200-0430-0210-06S 22 /
LPT012 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 2-10A /
LPT025 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 1-15A /
LPT050 1-24 / 380 VAC/DC 1-15A /
LPT060 1-24 / 380 VAC/DC 1-15A /
LPT070 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 2-15A /
LPT080 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 2-15A /
LPT096 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 1-15A /
LPT190 1-24 / 380VAC/DC 2-15A /
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