Super Miniature Slip Rings

LPMS series is a group of Super Miniature Capsule Slip Rings designed and manufactured by JINPAT, with the outer diameter of 5.5~11.1mm. It’s designed exclusively for transmitting weak signals. Fairly compact size makes it fit for equipment where small space is presented. 


Transmitting analog and data signal 

Loading standard module while transmitting power and signal

Grooved design, smooth rotation and low electrical noise

Multiple contacts per circuit, low contact pressure, low wear debris

Compact size, reliable performance


Advanced fiber brush technique, maintenance free

Long life span, customization available

Mass production, rapid delivery

Part # Ring # ODxL(mm) Voltage(V AC) Current(A) Signal Details
LPMS-44S 44 ø16x23 48VAC/VDC / common signal
LPMS-04A 4 ø7.9X10.80 240VAC/DC 4@1A /
LPMS-04C 4 ø7.90X10.80 240VAC/DC 4@1A /
LPMS-06A 6 ø7.9X11.2 240VAC/DC 6@1A /
LPMS-05D 5 ø5.5X10.6 48VAC/DC 5@1A /
LPMS-06B 6 ø8.5X11.2 240VAC/DC 6@1A /
LPMS-10A 10 ø10X14.6 240VAC/DC 10@1A /
LPMS-10A-08 8 ø10X14.6 240VAC/DC 8@1A /
LPMS-10B 10 ø10.5X13.6 240 VAC/DC 10@1A /
LPMS-12A 12 ø11.1X24 240VAC/DC 12@1A /
LPMS-12U 12 ø6.5X19.4 48VAC/DC 12@1A /
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