Slip Ring in Shipborne Radar Antenna

The frequency of the shipborne radar antenna slip ring is relatively high. With the mature slip ring technology, it can be combined with the high frequency slip ring to form a precise hybrid slip ring. This technology is far superior to domestic counterparts and can meet different environmental needs. 

The slip ring is the link of radar signal transmission, and its working condition is related to whether the radar can operate normally. The JINPAT LPT slip ring is combined with high frequency and optical fiber slip ring to form a precise hybrid slip ring, which can simultaneously transmit signals exceeding 500MHZ-50GHZ, and has strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability. 

Technical advantages of the JINPAT shipborne radar antenna slip ring 

        1. Transmiting power at the same time + ordinary signal + CAN signal + backup signal + analog signal + synchronization signal + high-definition video signal;

        2. The high-precision slip ring integrated with electric + high frequency adopts special structure and manufacturing technology, so that its electric + high frequency integration is relatively independent, mutual interference, stable transmission, and is in an original and leading position in the industry;

        3. The wire is connected by a plug connector, the connection is quick and convenient, the performance is stable and reliable, and the signal has no interference and no packet loss;

        4. Small size, light weight, compact design, reducing the weight of the customer's complete machine equipment, easy to install;

        5. Working humidity up to 95% RH, can adapt to salt spray, hot and humid environment, high protection level: IP64-IP65.



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