Separate Slip Rings

Sometimes a self-contained capsule slip rings are not practical due to system size constraints or cost limitation.We can provide the slip ring (rotor)and brush block (stator)as separate components to be mated by the customer in their system.It can be used for routing hydraulic lines and pneumatic lines, it is especially fit for minute and precise instruments,at the same time customization is available for your special need.


1. Stator and rotor separate from each other

2. Transmitting power or signal data

3. Low resistance

4. Easy to install

5. Suitable for small space

Part # Ring # ID(mm) Currents(A) Voltage(VAC) Speed (rpm) Details
LPS-10 10 Φ9.55 10@2A 240 VAC/DC 0-100 rpm
LPS-02 2 Φ8 1-3A 240 VAC/DC 0-100 rpm
LPS-03 3 Φ2.9 1-3A 240 VAC/DC 0-100 rpm
LPS-04 4 Φ3.5 1-3A 240 VAC/DC 0-100 rpm
LPS-06 6 Φ9.55 2A 240 VAC/DC 0-100 rpm
LPS-08 8 Φ9.55 1-3A 240 VAC/DC 0-100 rpm
LPS-12 12 Φ9.55 1-3A 240 VAC/DC 0-100 rpm
LPS-15 15 Φ11.6 15@2A 240 VAC/DC 0-100 rpm
LPS019-0210 2 Φ19.05 2@10A 48 VAC/DC 0-100 rpm
LPS-060 3 Φ60.2 10A@3 240 VAC/DC 0-100 rpm
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