Mercury Slip Rings

Mercury slip rings enjoy the same performance just like other electrical slip rings. Mercury slip rings take advantage of mercury contact as a conductive media, which can transfer current and signal via liquid metal under normal temperature status. This kind of slip ring has the main features of strong stability and no noise. Meanwhile, Mercury slip rings provide the most scientific, economical and profitable rotary solution for various application industries. 


 1. Suitable for signal and power transfer of rotating devices or instruments.  2. No maintenance and better reliability then traditional Slip rings .

 3. Very low contact resistance  (Less than 1mΩ).

 4. Very low electrical noise.

We also offer customized slip ring for your special requirements.

Model OD(mm) Poles Current Speed (rpm) Details
A4H ø14.3 4 2@4A, 2@30A 0-1200rpm
A2S ø14.3 2 2@4A 0-2000rpm
A2H ø25.3 2 2@30A 0-1800rpm
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