There are many systems in medical equipment that need to rotate and transmit power supply and other signals at the same time. Conductive slip ring is one of its essential key components. For example, CT system and blood cell analysis system need to reliably transmit high-power current, communication signal and image digital signal, which requires high complexity and difficulty of conductive slip ring technology.
As a professional manufacturer of conductive slip rings, JINPAT Electronics took the lead in breaking through technical difficulties and developed a series of high reliability special slip rings for the medical industry on the basis of long-term technical development and experience accumulation.
In view of the high requirements for space size and overcurrent of CT equipment, JINPAT adopts precious metal fiber brush contact technology, unique installation mode and shielding mode, integrates various signals such as power supply, digital, analog, Ethernet and power supply, and develops LPK series disc conductive slip rings with thickness ≤ 6mm and outer diameter ≤ 82mm, which can pass 10A alone. According to the requirements of blood testing equipment for space size,
high service life and high signal stability, LPC series cap type medical special conductive slip ring with an outer diameter of 22-54mm and up to 137 channels has been developed. The above series of conductive slip rings have been developed since 2010. At present, they have served many famous enterprises at home and abroad, such as Mindray and Siemens, and have been highly praised by clients.
Features and Advantages:
1. The standard module can be loaded to meet the transmission of power and signal at the same time 2. Advanced fiber brush technology is adopted, which is maintenance free and does not need lubricating oil 3. Multi point contact for each circuit, low contact pressure and low contact wear 4. Special groove design is adopted, with smooth rotation and low electrical noise 5. American military surface gold plating process is adopted to ensure ultra long service life 6. The overall dimensions are diverse and suitable for different customer needs 7. Small volume and easy installation 8. USB, HDMI, SDI and Ethernet meeting 360 ° unlimited rotation 9. Up to 30 kinds of signal transmission such as RS422