Analysis of LPFO-019B series technology newly developed by JINPAT

2024-06-10 00:46

If the conductive slip ring is a product of humanity's entry into the electrification era, then the fiber optic slip ringis one of the products of humanity's entry into the information age. It seems that the time difference between their invention is one generation of the industrial revolution; Undoubtedly, fiber optic slip rings are one of there presentative products of contemporary high-tech slip rings, so there are many manufacturers specialized in the development of fiber optic slip rings in the slip ring industry. As an established professional conductive slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT also has certain capabilities in developing optical fiber slip rings.

As a precision optical slip ring with high technological content, the overall manufacturing cost of fiber slip rings is still very high. Recently, JINPAT has newly developed a multi-channel fiber slip ring for the LPFO-019B product series, with a number of channels up to8-18 channels. The number of 8-18 channels can be freely selected, supporting single mode, multimode, or a combination of both; This product truly achieves low loss, high return loss, high crosstalk, no electromagnetic interference intransmission, and no risk of leakage; In addition, it also has a high waterproof level and can be used normally in harsh environments; The lifespan canreach up to 100 million revolutions, and integration with electrical/signalslip rings can achieve more transmission performance.

Due to the high data transmission capability of most fiber optic slip rings and their significant advantages inanti-interference and information security, they have been applied in various fields such as integrated manufacturing. JINPAT has developed specialized high-power integrated slip rings for heavy-duty equipment such as material grabbing machines and mining vehicles. At present, the equipment with a high demand for multi-channel fiber optic slip rings is mainly high-power multi axislaser processing equipment, and these equipment often do not require electricslip rings with high power transmission capacity; However, there are higher requirements for the performance of multi-channel fiber slip rings. As a professional slip ring manufacturer with nearly 30 years of independent research and development experience, JINPAT's independently developed fiber slip rings can already meet the needs of the vast majority of laser processing power devices.