JINPAT Survey Robot slip ring

2024-05-25 23:27

In sewer surveys or outdoor multifunctional robots, conductive slip rings are installed on the robot's gimbal or control center for power and signal transmission. Some more advanced robots also require the integration of a single-mode fiber optic slip ring inside the conductive slip ring to achieve the ability to transmit high-speed data over longer distances. Taking the sewer robot used for survey as an example, the conductive slip ring it uses generally integrates one SDI high-definition video signal path. In addition, some special robots may also integrate infrared cameras in their cameras, so their corresponding conductive slip ring also needs to add corresponding paths to support the infrared video signal path.

When the situation of the scene that needs to be surveyed is unclear, this type of survey robot with high-definition or infrared cameras can be used for reconnaissance to determine the basic situation in the scene. If this type of survey sewer robot integrates harmful gas sensors, the reconnaissance effect will be better.

In order to obtain more accurate information about the robot's surroundings, many firefighting robots are equipped with 360 ° optical framing or other types of sensors, so conductive slip ringsneed to be integrated in these firefighting robots. As a well-known manufacturer of conductive slip rings in the industry, JINPAT has the ability to develop conductive slip rings for various types of robots. JINPAT has developed over a hundred corresponding conductive slip ring product cases for various types of sewer survey robots and outdoor robots such as firefighting.