Customized Integrated Conductive Slip Rings by JINPAT

2024-03-24 20:57 JINPAT Electronics

As a professional manufacturer with nearly thirty years of experience in the conductive slip ring industry, JINPAT has provided over ten thousand personalized rotating conductive solutions to the global market to date. Many of these solutions include highly technical customized versions of integrated conductive slip rings. These products not only transmit electrical signals but are also designed to meet diverse customer needs by integrating various innovative features. The latest development from JINPAT,the LPT000-0910-3E3-FO04, represents the company's most recent achievement inthis field.

Let's take a closer look at this new integrated slip ring. It operates at a voltage of 480V and can transmit signals for 3 sets of Gigabit Ethernet; simultaneously integrating 4 channels of optical fibers with a wavelength range between 1310nm and 1590nm, with an insertion loss of less than 4dB, and a variation of ±1dB, and a fiber bending radius of 30mm. It also boasts excellent temperature resistance and a sturdy housing, capable of operating normally in temperatures ranging from -45°C to+80°C. The housing is made of aluminum alloy, ensuring both lightness and durability, providing reliable assurance for the long-term stability of equipment operation. It's evident that this product is a fusion of innovative technology and multifunctional design. Its characteristics of electrical transmission capability, multiple signal transmission, and integrated optical fiber pathways meet diverse customer needs, while also pushing the boundaries of conductive slip ring technology.

In summary, this product is highly integrated with multiple signal and optical fiber pathways. Its scientifically designed structure ensures no interference between the electrical and signal pathways of the conductive slip ring. Given the complexity of this structure, the technical content and added value are naturally high. As a veteran manufacturer of conductive slip rings, JINPAT has provided hundreds of such products to the global market, earning market recognition for its excellent quality.