Slip Ring Integrated with Fiber Optic and High-Frequency Signals

2024-03-21 23:17 JINPAT Electronics

It is widely known that high-frequency slip rings and fiber optic slip rings are two rather specialized types of slip rings. Apart from being used independently, they are often integrated with electrical slip rings to form combined electrical-high-frequency andelectro-optical slip rings. The electrical-high-frequency integrated slip ringis used for the transmission of high-frequency signals and power, mainly in radar tracking systems, while the electro-optical integrated slip ring cantransmit both optical signals and power simultaneously.

Due to the different characteristics of optical and high-frequency signals, there are situations in certain specialized fields where it is necessary to transmit both signals within a single slip ring. So, under what circumstances can this integrated transmission be achieved? First, let's examine the physical structures of both types of slip rings to see if it's feasible to integrate fiber optic slip rings and high-frequency slip rings into each other's internal structures.

Starting with the fiber optic slip ring, it requires optical components to be placed inside the slip ring, so it cannot be hollow and therefore cannot integrate other slip rings internally. Moving on to the high-frequency slip ring, besides performing the functions of traditional electrical slip rings, it can also transmit high-speed analog signals rangingfrom 500MHz to over 50GHz.

When integrating high-frequency(mid-frequency) and fiber optic signals within a single slip ring, traditional methods must still be employed. The high-frequency signal module needs to be designed in the form of a traditional electrical slip ring, utilizing brush and copper ring contact, along with an external coaxial line structure.Furthermore, to integrate the fiber optic slip ring module, it must be designed with a hollow structure. Then, this integrated signal module, combining fiber optics and high-frequency signals, is integrated with the power ring module. JINPAT LPT000-02200-10180-01100-1660-1210-0202-0205-16S-FO02-HF02 slip ring is a representative product that simultaneously integrates fiber optics and mid-high-frequency signals.