Slip rings for operation in extreme environments

2024-02-29 23:10 JINPAT Electronics

Many electromechanical products have corresponding protection levels, and the higher the protection level, the stronger the environmental adaptability. In the product series of JINPAT, there are also products with the highest IP68 protection level. These products include some customized miniature capsule slip rings and certain models of fiber optic slip rings. These high-protection-level slip rings can adapt to relatively extreme and harsh external environments,such as underwater high-pressure environments, high cold environments, tropical rainforest humid environments, etc.

Natural environments exist objectively, and in people's production and life, they will always create some new environments. Some of these artificially created new environments may be much more extreme than harsh environments under natural conditions. However, in these artificially created extremely harsh environments, there are still electromechanical devices that require slip ring support in operation.

Firstly,there is high temperature. A common type of equipment is high-temperature rollers, which operate at temperatures above 100. Although such equipment does not have high rotational speeds and does not require changes in slip ring structure, it extremely tests the stability of slip ring operation at ultra-high temperatures. If the overall high-temperature resistance performance of the slip ring is not up to standard, it may lead to problems such as low insulation with stand voltage strength, abnormal fluctuation of dynamic resistance values, and abnormal signal transmission. In solving problems such as abnormal signal transmission and insufficient insulation withstand voltage strength of slip rings operating at temperatures above 100, JINPAT has rich experience. Taking the LPC-0303-HD01 high-definition video slip ring as an example, when this slip ring operates, it is immersed in 201 methyl silicone oil with a pressure of up to 140 MPa, and the maximum external ambient temperature can reach 200.With years of experience, JINPAT has perfectly solved the problems of poorhigh-definition video transmission and insulation withstand voltage values of this product under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

The slip rings mentioned above need to operate at extremely high temperatures, but some slip rings represent another extreme, being extremely sensitive to high temperatures. Once a certain temperature is exceeded, the performance of the slip ring will also decline linearly. These types of slip rings are generally mainly high-speed slip rings. In general, slip rings with a working speed of 20,000 rpm require certain heat dissipation measures, while slip rings with higher speeds will adopt more aggressive heat dissipation measures, such as using liquid nitrogen at -195.8 to cool the slip rings. Due to their extremely special purposes and very small market demand, the development technology of slip rings that can withstand temperatures close to minus 200 is currently blank, and there are no slip ring manufacturers with development plans or finished products.