JINPAT range of slip rings

2024-01-31 16:40 JINPAT Electronics

Slip rings are commonly referred to as rotary joints, rotary electrical connectors, or rotary contactors. They are primarily used to transmit power, signals, or data in rotating devices,allowing continuous electrical connection during rotational motion. As a component capable of 360° rotation for power transmission and signal transfer, JINPAT'slip rings have found widespread applications in various fields.

Firstly, slip rings play a crucial role in imaging devices. For instance, rotating cameras and surveillance cameras often use slip rings to transmit video signals, power, and control signals. The use of JINPAT slip rings helps address issues related to power and signal transmission, avoiding wire entanglement and ensuring continuous shooting or monitoring within a 360-degree range.

Secondly, slip rings are key components in spacecraft and satellites. Spacecraft often require rotational motion while simultaneously needing to communicate and transfer energy with the ground or other spacecraft. JINPAT slip rings effectively transmit power, data, and signals, supporting satellite navigation, communication, and remote sensing,and are widely used in the aerospace industry.

In the medical equipment field, slip rings are widely used in devices such as X-ray machines, CT scanners, and surgical robots to transmit power and signals, supporting the rotation, tilt, or other movements of the equipment. JINPAT, as an established manufacturer of conductive slip rings, has developed a variety of slip ring products for medical equipment, including small through-hole conductive slip rings for ophthalmic medical equipment and slip rings for pharmaceutical machinery.

In the manufacturing and industrial robotics sector, JINPAT slip rings are widely applied in rotating workbenches,welding robots, and assembly line equipment, transmitting power, control signals, and data. As a specialist in conductive slip rings, JINPAT is also dedicated to providing dedicated slip rings for RoboMaster competition teams,offering customized solutions for the RoboMaster Mech Design Challenge.

In the field of wind energy generation, as a crucial component of wind turbine generators, JINPAT' conductive slip rings perform functions such as pitch control, control signal transmission, and data transfer in wind power generation systems, ensuring continuous operation of the equipment during changes in wind direction and improving the efficiency and reliability of wind turbine generators.

In solar power generation, JINPAT slip rings achieve energy transmission through rotating body bias technology,allowing solar panels to maintain a connection with the power source while rotating, maximizing solar energy absorption and ensuring efficient utilization.

In addition to the above-mentioned areas, JINPAT also provides solutions for other rotating mechanical devices such as electric vehicle charging stations and stage lighting rotation. With the continuous improvement of slip ring technology to adapt to different environments and requirements, it provides essential support for modern engineering and technological applications.

Recently, JINPAT has made significant breakthroughs in the development of miniature slip rings, with an impact resistance reaching 25,000g. This breakthrough demonstrates JINPAT' continuous innovation in the slip ring industry and is expected to propel the industry towards higher levels of development.