Industrial Robot-Specific Slip Rings

2023-11-30 21:25 JINPAT Electronics

In the field of slip ring industrial equipment applications, industrial robots constitute a crucial and specialized segment. The slip rings used in industrial robots are predominantly medium-sized hollow shaft series conductive slip rings. Some industrial robots integrate pneumatic and hydraulic modules on the basis of hollow shaft slip rings. In contrast, slip rings used in small industrial robots mainly consist of capsule slip rings. As a pioneer among slip ring manufacturers, JINPAT produces thousands of industrial robot-specific slip rings each year,encompassing both hollow shaft series products and pneumatic and hydraulic integrated products. Of course, the most representative ones are the ultra-miniature series slip rings designed for small industrial robots.

Due to the long-duration and high-intensity operational characteristics of industrial robots, the reliability requirements for slip rings are exceptionally high. Several years ago, JINPAT addressed the demands for industrial robot slip rings by validating various high-life and high-reliability slip ring structures. Currently, the industrial robot slip rings offered by JINPAT to the market are products with high-life and high-reliability characteristics. Among them, the key focus is on the standard models of hollow shaft series slip rings. These products differ in terms of integrated signal types, power loop sizes, and other details depending on the differences in terminal machines.

For industrial robots applying the hollow shaft series, their compact size limits the supported single-channel current to not exceed 50A, with 5-30A per ring being the most common. The total number of power loop circuits also does not exceed 10. For example, the LPT080-0220-05S-01A industrial robot slip ring has a through-hole diameter of 80mm, 2 circuits of 20A each, and 1 circuit for pneumatic passage. In the JINPAT hollow shaft series industrial robot slip rings, the most commonly used signals include Ethernet and various industrial control signals. In terms of signal connector terminals, there is an option to weld corresponding terminals online or to integrate aviation plugs directly on the slip ring.

Currently, JINPAT has provided nearly a thousand solutions for the industrial robot industry, placing it at the forefront among international slip ring manufacturers in terms of technical accumulation. If you have any related needs, feel free to contact JINPAT.