Analysis of the Characteristics of JINPAT Industrial Robot Integrated Slip Rings

2023-10-15 21:32 JINPAT Electronics

Industrial robots are also an important application field for slip rings, widely used on production lines in modern factories. They can replace manual labor for tasks such as handling heavy objects and performing operations like precision component assembly, welding,and painting.

JINPAT, as a renowned slip ring manufacturer, has been in the industry for nearly 30 years. Over the years,they have provided over ten thousand excellent rotational conductive solutions for various industries. Within this extensive range of solutions, a portion is dedicated to custom slip rings designed specifically for industrial robots. To meet the high reliability requirements of industrial robots for slip rings,JINPAT invested several years in research and development, meticulously evaluating hundreds of alternative structural and material combinations to identify the most optimal solutions on which their industrial robot slip rings are based.

The unique feature of hollow shaft slip rings lies in their remarkable scalability. Beyond the standard power transmission, they can also accommodate customized signal types and even incorporate pneumatic or hydraulic modules. Coupled with their compact form factor, hollow shaft slip rings have gained popularity in the industrial robot domain. Recognizing this, JINPAT has developed patented technologies for industrial robots based on hollow shaft slip rings. Currently, the hollow shaft series of industrial robot slip rings are widely adopted by international industrial robot giants. These products include electrical signal integrated models as well as multi-module slip rings supporting both electrical and fluid transmission. Through extensive and prolonged usage on various assembly lines, JINPAT's industrial robot slip rings have proven their mettle and garnered unanimous praise from customers.


In the case of industrial robots, there are few instances of directly using standard slip rings. Even for some ultra-compact industrial robot slip rings, when employing standard products, it is necessary to customize support arms and other additional components. JINPAT's applications in the field of ultra-compact industrial robot slip rings primarily revolve around the LPMS-06/08 series. These products have diameters ranging from 5.5 to 7.6mm and support mixed transmission of signals and power across their channels, eliminating the need for additional enhancements to transmit basic signals. This feature is common to many small and micro slip rings.However, when industrial robot joints require the transmission of higher power,ultra-compact slip rings may not meet the requirements.