The Prominent Characteristics of High Current Slip Rings

2023-09-10 17:50 JINPAT Electronics

High current slip rings are rotating connectors that possess significant features in the field of electrical power transmission. Their primary characteristic is their outstanding current   carrying capacity. In the high current slip rings by JINPAT, each channel can handle an astonishing maximum current transmission capability of up to 4000A.This feature makes high current slip rings highly favored in numerous high-power applications, such as electric motors, generators, and various industrial equipment.

To achieve the transmission of such high currents, high current slip rings typically employ a carbon brush friction system. However, due to the need for different specifications of carbon brushesfor various current requirements, high current slip rings are often customized according to specific demands, with no standard products readily available. This personalized design ensures the reliability and efficiency of high current transmission, and

JINPAT can offer customers a variety of solutions.

The second significant characteristic is that high current slip rings usually have a larger physical size. This is due to the use of an open-air structure to ensure effective heat dissipation. For some high current slip rings with multiple channels and high-rated voltages,their dimensions can be quite substantial. For instance, the model LPA000-09800-01PE-3020-04L designed by JINPAT for offshore floating cranes can have a volume of up to 5 cubic meters. Similarly, high current slip rings required for podded electric propulsion systems can also be extremely large,with some products having irregular shapes, resulting in an external packaging volume that may exceed 11 cubic meters.

The third significant characteristic is that the components of high current slip rings are relatively large. Besides needing sufficient space to accommodate the components for high-voltage products, these components themselves are typically of substantial size. For example, in a recent high current slip ring developed by JINPAT for podded electric propulsion systems, which integrates three 4000A current channels, the copper rings used inside the slip ring are over ten centimeters in height and have a diameter exceeding one meter to handle such massive currents. Combined with the dimensions of other components, this type of slip ring can have an overall volume exceeding an unprecedented ten cubic meters.

In summary, high current slip rings have become indispensable components in high-power, high-current applications due totheir exceptionally large current carrying capacity, the use of large-scale components, enormous physical size, and significant weight. These characteristics enable them to play a crucial role in a range of industrial and commercial applications, whether driving giant electric motors or supporting heavy-duty industrial equipment, high current slip rings provide reliable solutions for high current requirements.