Carbon brush slip ring, highly maintainable slip ring

2023-08-29 23:53 JINPAT Electronics

Among all types of slip rings, the carbon brush slip ring is a rather unique type. As a professional manufacturer that entered the field of slip rings relatively early on the international stage, JINPAT has a history of producing carbon brush slip rings for nearly 20 years.

JINPAT primarily focuses on the LPA high-current slip ring series for carbon brush slip rings. Compared to slip rings that use wire brushes, using carbon brush products allows for the transmission of extremely high single-channel currents. Currently, JINPAT has delivered carbon brush slip rings with a maximum single-channel current of up to 4000A.Due to the use of larger carbon brushes instead of wire brushes and copperrings in the friction pair, these slip rings have a very long lifespan. Exceptfor some carbon brush pulse signal slip rings used at extremely high speeds,the majority of the products are installed on large equipment with very low operating speeds, resulting in a significantly long service life that often exceeds 10 years. For many carbon brush slip rings, if the wear on the copperring permits, replacing the carbon brushes can extend the product's lifespan by many years. In contrast, slip rings that use wire brushes must be completely replaced when the brushes wear down to a certain extent due to the overall structural design. This showcases the strong maintainability of carbon brush slip rings, which is also a significant characteristic.

To observe the friction situation of the carbon brushes and monitor the operating status of the slip rings in real time,carbon brush slip rings generally feature observation windows. JINPAT offers two common design solutions for observation windows. One involves adding a small opening with a transparent acrylic plate on the side plate, while the other uses a large acrylic plate to replace the steel plate. However, for carbon brush slip rings with higher protection or explosion-proof ratings, even though the side plate is removable, it's generally not recommended to disassemble it to observe the internal situation due to the presence of special filling material between the side plate and the housing. This is to prevent structural damage that could lead to a reduction in explosion-proof or protection ratings.


As a pioneering enterprise in the field of slip ring manufacturing, JINPAT provides comprehensive after-sales policies for its products. Regarding carbon brush slip rings, JINPAT offers lifetime after-sales services. Between 2014 and 2015, JINPAT produced several dozen units of slip rings like the LPA000-03600-02100-2110 model. Currently, the earliest batch of these products is undergoing major repair at the factory. Within the agreed-upon timeframe, JINPAT will perform tasks such as carbon brush replacement, structural component strength inspection, and cosmetic repairs on these modified products. The products will be returned to the customers after all performance tests are completed.